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I am so so excited about this new great movie to come, when it seems I will finally be a bad ass character! I am hearing of the details as preparations finalize and I cannot wait for it to start. Great cast, and usual Mr Pam to lead our way through sins and perversion. And for those of you who will be in the New York area, come and see me at Solash NYC from 11pm to 2am on Friday 11th!

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5 Responses to “2 weeks to New York shoot of “Assassin” and my only appearance in Splash!”

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    See Wilfried Knight in NYC at Splash: UPDATED « Fair View Says:

    […] I have my place to crash all set up in the village, so I plan to be there to take photos! Yay! Per Wilf’s blog, he gets to “finally be a bad ass character!” Oh, that is so exciting! I am sure it […]

  2. 2
    wilfried Says:

    Thank you Sue, you will be there?

  3. 3
    mark Says:

    Hey Wilfred,
    Hope this film sees you go real kinky. Saw your sounding work on fetish force…..awesome, man!!
    Dying to see more of you in leather and rubber, the whole fetish thing !
    p.s I love those big earrings you wear.

  4. 4
    wilfried Says:

    Thanks my friend, i indeed can go further than just vanilla, as they say, do not trust a sweet face..Sex is about pleasure, exploration into all modalities, into what makes the other fly high..It is about what both partners agree upon, about what limits to push. I have fun showing more and more on screen. No shame, no taboos. I am not doing erotic flicks, i am a porn star!

  5. 5
    frank Says:

    I prefer you having one earing;how about the other decrates the bar/balls :9


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