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Wilfried Knight is a legend in the gay porn industry. He has filmed over 20 films for Lucas Entertainment as an exclusive model. Out Magazine named Wilfried Knight the Hottest Porn Star and DNA Magazine has listed Wilfried on their acclaimed Sexiest Men’s list. This French stud has also proven to be one of the most professional and charming models in the industry.

Wilfried Knight is a true outdoors man and spends his time off camera with his beloved dog climbing and trekking up mountains. In addition to modeling Wilfried is a personal trainer and is nearing the end of his degree in Chinese medicine.

Wilfried Knight made his debut with Lucas Entertainment in premiere Auditions line Volume 1 and went on to lead roles in Manhattan Heat, Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons, Obsession and Kings of New York. An industry favorite, the alluring and handsome Wilfried Knight never ceases to amaze porn lovers across the globe.


4 Responses to “Biography”

  1. 1
    mark Says:

    Never new about this guy found him on facebook

  2. 2
    Aaron Says:

    no kidding, Chinese medicine, even nearing the end of his degree!

    fxcking cool!

  3. 3
    yin.lee969 Says:

    baby u r hot n sexy l love it

  4. 4
    briansslut Says:

    Wifried is so handsome with a sexy confidence that most porn stars will never posses. He also seems to have a great sense of humor. I was lucky to see two interviews by Lucas in which Wilfried told us more about himself. I’ve seen just a couple of vids, starring him and Arpad and all I can say is DAMN! Made up or real, there’s a definite chemistry between these two and I can’t look away. Wilfried seems to be the only one that can go two to two with that big ass Arpad. lol Arpad maybe a few inches taller than you, but he always seems to be a giant next to his co-stars. I will delve into more of your other movies, but give me a few more weeks with you and Arpad. Yummy. Well, that’s about it. Have a grand day. Peace from one of your many female fans.


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