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Is there anything wrong with desperation? Probably not as we are all somehow desperate to achieve at any stage in life, right?
Then nothing wrong to say that yes, it is an honor to be nominated, but i also want to WIN best performer of the year!!! I want it!
So many nominations and never one, it would be nice to get it, this one last time as the show will be over in July
Help and vote for me guys, please!!!

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5 Responses to “The end on the edge of Glory: help me win my one Grabby award please!”

  1. 1
    chip Says:

    I’ll vote for you. Hopefully, ur wish’ll become true as people expect ^^.

  2. 2
    Sue Says:
  3. 3
    Francis Rose Says:

    Wilfried tu est un des mec les plus sexy et cochon que j’ai eu le plaisir de voir sur le net. J’ai bien aimé ton commentaire sur ton college François Sagat. J’aimerais bien que tu me dise ou je puisse trouver sur le web des clips de toi en action, disons quelques minutes sans frais.
    Un de mes Fantasmes: Wilfied et François qui font de moi, Francis, leur boy, sex-pig etc… Le suis UNCUT et ai environs 18 à 20 cms.
    J’espère une réponse…

  4. 4
    Won Says:

    hi,is this site is urs really?
    i am a fan from china.i watched ur rideo from MAP.i love u very much.i hope u and steven daigle could achieve the best proformer.

    a chinese fan

  5. 5
    Won Says:

    should be i love u and steven daigle very much.hhah.not u 2 achieve that prize the same.


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