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Mr Pam and me at Folsom: She has seen more of me than my mother has!

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The Winner of GAYVN 2010

A happy martyr winning the award for Best Performer of year at The GAYVN September 2010 in San Francisco

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Folsom 2010 by Kent Taylor

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San Diego here I come!

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Thanksgiving in the Sun! Watch out for my legendary huge sandcastles on Coronado beach. Always built with bare hands, I spent hours designing and building huge fortresses (me, a nerd? Noooooooo). Pictures to be posted on here soon
By the way if you guys have the occasion to see Robyn s concert, do go. I just saw her yesterday and it was realdancing fun!

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Who should I next shoot with???

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So many men, so little time: who do you think my next scene partner should be?


I will be celebrating a long studying and winning year by taking few week ends here and there, with no official appearance or engagement whatsoever, in Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco and Miami.
If you do spot me, please do not be afraid to come and say hi.
I will be enjoying a lot of time off celebrating my personal achievements during what has been a surprisingly good year!!
On a hotter note, i am gearing up for my next Lucasentertainment shoot in January, and i cannot wait!

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As a performer I will never underestimate the importance of people who believed in me. Of course Michael Lucas was the original believer and still is but my fans carried me to where I am now.
Thanks to you all guys, gratefully. More to come with an exciting shoot in January, which I cannot wait for!


That win after the GayVN.. Hmm, is that a hint they really want me to go away? I refuse till I get lifetime achievement, damn it!


Yeah! Hitting New York, this time just for fun. Walk, shop, joining Sherry Vine on Wednesday in Therapy Bar (come on,y’all!) and next Sunday in Barracuda. If you see me anywhere please feel free to say hi!

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