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Wilfried Knight Passes Away

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We need to first say that this is one of the last things we’d ever want to write. It is impossible to send this without the heavy heart of our company weighing it down. Many of us had personal relationships with Wilfried Knight and as a whole this is one of the saddest days in our office.

News came in to Lucas Entertainment on Monday morning that Wilfried had taken his own life. Yesterday we frantically scrambled to prove this wrong and sadly came up with confirmation that the worst was true.

Wilfried Knight was a very special person, a genuine, caring, smart and grounded individual whose personality even out-shined his incredible outward beauty. In the wake of this news we have to step back and look at the awful losses the industry has experienced this year. Wilfried’s passing had nothing to do with the industry but the outpouring sadness we have seen urges us to address others in need.

We all would like to consider ourselves strong people but there will always be certain things that tear us down. We have to think about what awfulness brought Wilfried to this point and fight against it. Life is guaranteed to devastate us at some point but we can’t and shouldn’t cause others who care about us to go through such pain. The domino effect has to end and although we are far from perfect we open our ears and hearts to whoever needs to talk.

Wilfried we love you dearly and hope you are slumbering in peace with your husband.

-Lucas Entertainment


Is there anything wrong with desperation? Probably not as we are all somehow desperate to achieve at any stage in life, right?
Then nothing wrong to say that yes, it is an honor to be nominated, but i also want to WIN best performer of the year!!! I want it!
So many nominations and never one, it would be nice to get it, this one last time as the show will be over in July
Help and vote for me guys, please!!!





Assassin Music Video!

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The hit has begun…

Lucas Entertainment’s
erotic film noir epic ‘Assassin’ is now streaming Part One at! To celebrate the movie’s premiere we rock things off with an exclusive Assassin music video featuring clips from the dark and edgy film including the song’s performance by pop-star Sir Ari Gold! Check out the killer men in action: Adam Killian, Wilfried Knight, Steven Daigle, Cliff Jensen, Drew Cutler, Junior Stellano, Brad Star, Braxton Bond, Rafael Alencar and assassin Michael Lucas.





“Assassin” wrapped up!

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What a great way to bid farewell to Lucasentertainment!
I cannot wait to see the finished product of what is probably going to be the movie of the Year!

As for myself, i am planning my last public appearance to be at the Chicago Grabbys 2011, hoping for maybe one little nomination?

Even if not, it is one party not to be missed just to see Chichi at her best!





Who said rubber fashion was dead?

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Now that i have used you...





The final countdown begins

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The Final curtain


Come along if you are in the NYC area to help me celebrate 7 amazing years in the adult industry, and my upcoming birthday on Friday, February 11th.
It has been a very lucky run in an industry i never ever though i would ever be part of in the first place. And yet, still, i am around kicking it, after winning at GayVN the “performer of the year” award.
For some, it may just be light hearted, but if it is incredibly fun, it still is a career, a profession, a performance. I am learning so much everyday from it, from my fellow performers, and try to do my best at sharing my fantasies with all of you guys.
I woudl never be here if Michael would not have discovered and promoted me in the first place; Michael, thank you Mama!!

And of course as i have previously written: a perfomer is nothing without his audience. Very very thankful to all my fans! Love you guys!

Ps: by the way it is my second farewell since the first one was in 2006… I plan the third one in 2025..If Cher can do it..


Please go on the website for the Grabbys 2011 at to vote for me as one of the show co-presenter…As for the GayVN, i promise a major effort on the outfit!!


I am so so excited about this new great movie to come, when it seems I will finally be a bad ass character! I am hearing of the details as preparations finalize and I cannot wait for it to start. Great cast, and usual Mr Pam to lead our way through sins and perversion. And for those of you who will be in the New York area, come and see me at Solash NYC from 11pm to 2am on Friday 11th!


I cannot wait to shoot what will be my last scene from February 12th with master Mr Pam in the kick ass flick who I believe will be an intrigue called “assassin”. To answer few fans, no I do not know who I am paired with yet but am impatient to know.
If you are in the NYC area on February, come and say hi at Splash NYC!

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