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Come along if you are in the NYC area to help me celebrate 7 amazing years in the adult industry, and my upcoming birthday on Friday, February 11th.
It has been a very lucky run in an industry i never ever though i would ever be part of in the first place. And yet, still, i am around kicking it, after winning at GayVN the “performer of the year” award.
For some, it may just be light hearted, but if it is incredibly fun, it still is a career, a profession, a performance. I am learning so much everyday from it, from my fellow performers, and try to do my best at sharing my fantasies with all of you guys.
I woudl never be here if Michael would not have discovered and promoted me in the first place; Michael, thank you Mama!!

And of course as i have previously written: a perfomer is nothing without his audience. Very very thankful to all my fans! Love you guys!

Ps: by the way it is my second farewell since the first one was in 2006… I plan the third one in 2025..If Cher can do it..

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5 Responses to “There you go, it is getting closer, Splash NYC and me are waiting for YOU!”

  1. 1
    frank Says:

    Does it mean a ending call after getting the ”performer of the year” ? Gus maxxton did. Now you 🙁 ps. mmmh big armspits to worship.

  2. 2
    frank Says:

    I learned how fluffy you are by your furry rear. Used to it smoothly .

  3. 3
    frank Says:

    I get used to it smoothly.

  4. 4
    Sue Says:
  5. 5
    Debra Fehl Says:

    Ron’s another one along for the ride.. but too ignorant to come up with an original thought so he follows Vicki and Shana on forums all day long ..saying he “agrees” No points for you Ron. Make sure that ankle monitor is charged today..


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