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Finally, hitting NYC again, once next week for perso fun and In a month to shoot my next flick which promises to be extra hot and fun!
On both occasions I cannot wait to attend any of Sherry Vine’s shows, wherever she will be. For whoever does not yet know her, she is a must to your gay-ness:

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4 Responses to “New York, (and Sherry Vine), here I come!”

  1. 1
    Kyle Says:

    Have a great time in NYC! Can you share anything about your next flick? What can we, your fans, look forward to?

  2. 2
    wilfried Says:

    Hi and many thanks. I am actualllt coming next week only for Sherry and Halloween, purely fun trip. Them will be coming first week of December for my next shoot with Lucasentertainment which I am truly looking forward to. All I can tell by now is that the plot involves enigma, suits and murder… As for my scene partners, it is still being discussed. But I trust Michael and Mr Pam to pair me up with the best as they always have! As soon as I one more I will update.

  3. 3
    Kyle Says:

    Thanks for your reply, Wilfried! What is the hottest man, the Entertainer of the Year, wearing for Halloween? I hope you’ll post some pictures and show us your costume!

  4. 4
    wilfried Says:

    Hmmm. I have wondered about that since I kind of already pulled a Halloween stunt at the GayVN, and am too busy up till next week to even contemplate it.


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