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What an eventful year it is being so far!!
Thanks to supports of teams working with me and my fans, this year turns out to be, it seems, the best year I am having in the industry.
Coming back from a 2/3 years slumber (I guess I have been a bear in another life, I occasionally hibernate), I finding myself in a place when I feel more comfortible than ever on a set, and have been lucky enough to get the best co-stars.
Conquering my usual crowd-shyness I finally have also started to do couple of appearances with mr Scott Boardman at Cocktail with the Stars in LA at two occasions when I had a blast.
I took part in a fashion show in winter thanks to my friend John Bartlett, got to be a subject for Pierre and Gilles art, even at one stage offered a part in a tv show.. Life does become amazing after 30 indeed.
I intend to hit NYC full blast for my next planned shoot in October and schedule some apperances there as well. I really love and enjoy meeting all my fans, and wanna reach out to more, and also to show them the real me in the flesh, rather than just through a screen!
So watch out NYC, I will be with you soon!
I look forward to attend the GayVN award show for the first time and I congratulate everyone at Lucasentertainment for their nominations, especially Jonathan Agassi, you sexy fucker.
I also want to congratulate my great friend Eliott at Queerclick for his nomination. I hope you will win sister!xxx

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