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Welcome to!

By wilfried. Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments »

Hey guys!

I want to welcome everybody to my new website. It’s been a long time cumming… and I hope you enjoy every drop I have to offer here. I stripped down for the first time in Lucas Entertainment’s premiere Auditions title Volume 1 and have continued giving (and taking) my all ever since. I have enjoyed every second and every thrust, kiss, suck and rim that I have explored on scene and am excited to move forward to the next level with my fans here on

On this site you can read my official bio, browse through the years of professional photos I have taken and get a glance into my personal life; from hiking up mountains to the gratuitous iPhone shots. Also, be sure to check out the interviews I have given on the Videos tab and take part in my exhibitionist sexual journey on the Filmography and XXX Scenes tabs.

I will be continuously updating the blog here on the Home page so be sure to comment back and I’ll be hard and ready to give you more!


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11 Responses to “Welcome to!”

  1. 1
    mr. Pam Says:

    Wilfried! woohoo! Congrats on your new website – it looks amazing!
    I can’t wait to read about all your eXXXciting adventures. (psst… You’re hot! great photo galleries!)

    big hugs…your fan…
    mr. Pam

  2. 2
    wilfried Says:

    I know, who knew what photoshop could do!!!!

  3. 3
    Nate MacNamara Says:

    Mr. Knight…even Kylie would be jealous. Hot site:)

  4. 4
    wilfried Says:

    I just can’t you out of my head…foof foof foof

  5. 5
    CMan Says:

    I’ve been loving your performances since Forever !! Congratulations on your New Venture, Wilfried !

  6. 6
    wilfried Says:

    Thank you so much my man, such words always make my day! Wilf

  7. 7
    David Paul Kay Says:

    HOT STUFF!!! 🙂 Way 2 Go!!! 🙂

  8. 8
    wilfried Says:

    And more will come, it is like wine, it gets better with age!

  9. 9
    gpcrush Says:

    Is this part of your “neverending” farewell tour! 😉 lol

    Congrats on your site. Looks fantastic.

    Love ya! ~T

  10. 10
    wilfried Says:

    Yeah, like Cher, my “Farewell, and this time i mean it” tour 2010-2011

  11. 11
    Patrick Says:

    Love your new website!!! Simply Fabulous, just like you!!


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