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I am SO glad to announce i will be joining the cast of Michael Lucas’s new major flick, “Assassin”, and also will enjoy the moment to make my only ever appearance in Splash NYC on Friday February 11th. Come and meet me guys, i do not bite! (unlike asked to).
And here is a great video done by my best friend at, Eliot Burns. Please check his website and stay in touch with the latest news of this crazy world!

The evolution of Wilfried Knight

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12 Responses to “Wilfried hits NYC for a new shoot with Lucasentertainment and an rare appearance in Splash!!”

  1. 1
    gpcrush Says:

    ohhh the first stop on the farewell tour… Hold me closer tiny dancer! 😉

    Love you.

  2. 2
    wilfried Says:

    Only first stop baby. Not done yet!!! I ll make a few come back and a “farewell this time I mean it tour 2025”

  3. 3
    See Wilfried Knight in NYC at Splash « Fair View Says:

    […] Wilfried Knight will be in NYC to join the cast of Lucas Entertainment’s new major film “Assassin” [I hope he plays the title role!!!]. While there, he will make his only ever appearance at Splash on Friday, February 11th. In his words, “I do not bite (unless asked to0).” Hmm. Sounds like an invitation to me! LOL! […]

  4. 4
    Sue Says:

    Any idea of what time you will be appearing so that I can add that to my post?

  5. 5
    wilfried Says:

    Hey Sue. Thanks so much. I hope you are well and happy new year. I do not know yet the time. I will let you know.

  6. 6
    frank Says:

    ”Urine fist fest” lucas ent. new film . Eager to watch your appearance in this field. What kind of boy does it come to your mind: I WANT TO FIST HIM ? thx

  7. 7
    wilfried Says:

    Hi Frank. I will never do any piss movie. As for the fisting it Is only one part of my range. This coming flick with Lucas will be more straightforward vanilla with a great script. I cannot think of any performer I d fist right now as I do not really watch porns. I perform them!
    But trust me I get my kick in real life. Doesn’t have to be with a porn star.

  8. 8
    frank Says:

    Sure.What’s kinky you have tried ? Your new scene on kink of. thx

  9. 9
    wilfried Says:

    Thanks for this question but I have to limit the conversation here on lucasentertainment material which have made this forum possible. I have no website related to other materials to discuss it just yet.

  10. 10
    wilfried Says:

    As far as kink is concerned I limit it to what you have seen so far. There will never be for example a feet or piss movie. As far as other kink I COULD be into, I keep them under wrap for now, but I am sure if anything really take my fancy you will see it on screen very soon. Great sex for me relies on the participants interaction, chemistry and what they both agree upon, kink or not kink. But there will not be any fetish within my next Lucas movie.

  11. 11
    frank Says:

    Thx for your answering and endurance.No offence. The questions were all out of curisity(kids in the candy shop ),most importantly,you’re generous to share it.My fault… Last Q of kinky things should focus on your real life.(ignore that if it is personal) Actually,in auditions 28:a knight with wilfried, there are some feet fetish between you and victor steel, hot.Anyway,appreciate that.

  12. 12
    wilfried Says:

    No problem Frank. Happy I have answered your questions.


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